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Aarding Lightweight Granulates

Since July 2004 our new company Aarding Lightweight Granulates (ALG) has been established.
ALG is a company for the development and marketing of technologies for the utilization of waste materials and processing them into usable end products.
With our know how we are able to assist the client from the preliminary laboratory tests followed by R&D work, engineering, feasibility study, pilot testing, pellet application research up to delivering a turnkey installation.


Aarding Energo - Reactor-oxidation system

Incineration, with co-generation, is becoming the most important disposal technique for community and industrial waste. However, the currently used incinerator technologies require complex and expensive flue-gas treatment technologies and still produce substantial amounts of (hazardous) residues. The most difficult problem of incineration is the reduction / prevention of cancer-procreating PCDD's/PCDF's (dioxins and furans; emission-limit 0,1 ng TEQ/m3).

In search for a Non Polluting Incineration System, Aarding Energo B.V. has developed the novel Reactor-Oxidation System. This system can be used for the incineration of municipal solid waste (MSW) as well as industrial waste and hazardous chemical waste.

The Reactor-Oxidation System has been developed to prevent the information of hazardous (organic) components by an optimal controlling of the combustion process so that a complete combustion/chemical equilibrium will be reached.

By this, environmental safety and working safety of the Reactor-Oxidation System will be considerably improved in comparison with conventional incinerators. The Reactor-Oxidation System is less sensitive for the kind of waste to be incinerated than conventional installations.
And last but not least the Reactor-Oxidation System can be operated on a smaller scale then conventional installations because of savings in the after-treatment installations because of the high combustion efficiency of the Reactor-Oxidation System (which in turn can result in additional savings on transportation costs).

After laboratory and bench scale testing a pilot scale unit has been constructed. This unit has a capacity of maximum 1 ton/hour and has been used to study various hazardous waste materials.

The Reactor-Oxidation System is marketed and further developed by Aarding Energo B.V.

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Proven technology, in operation since 1988
Aardelite plant in Crystal River, Florida, USA.
capacity 200,000 tpa

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