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The versatility of Aarding Beheer has been proven by the diversity of the branches in which it operates.
For over 30 years Aarding Beheer has been supplying their installations and equipment to the ministry of Defense. These orders usually deal with specialized project applications for all kind of objects. The organization has several defense experts at its disposal.

We can supply, among others:

  • robot vehicles
  • special trailers
  • ground equipment for airports
  • 'hush houses' meaning soundproof test spaces for aeroplanes and jet engines
  • hangars
  • handling equipment for aeroplanes
  • weapons' storage and weapons' treatment systems
  • special projects

Testing facility for jet engines

'Mooncat' unmanned target towing
vehicle with DGPS control

Bomb loading system


Water tank trailers
1200 litres

General purpose

Trailer 1.5 kn


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