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History Aarding Beheer B.V.

Aarding Beheer B.V. was founded by Gilbert Versteeg in 1959.
He started to produce the Aarding products.

Soon Aarding Beheer B.V. came up with new products for Defence purposes and was able to build special machines; for example automatic production of concrete elements.

Several other Aarding companies were founded in The Netherlands as well as abroad. Aarding Beheer was the parent company which also financed the new founded companies until they were self-supporting. The latest companies that have been founded are Aarding Parking Systems and Aarding Lightweight Granulates.

The companies abroad are Aarding India, Aarding Ghana and Aarding Energo. The last one operates in Romania.
All companies are controlled by qualified management. The founder is still working as an advisor for the subsidiaries.

In 1989 Gilbert Versteeg was decorated by the Queen of the Netherlands as 'Ridder in de orde van Oranje Nassau' for having provided many services to the country as an entrepreneur as well as having contributed many things to the social life by being a member of five different boards.
In 1981 Gilbert Versteeg was awarded by late Prince Claus for being the best innovator of the year (patents) in the Netherlands. (see picture)

On 28 April 2005 Gilbert Versteeg was promoted with the royal decoration of 'Officier in de Orde van Oranje Nassau' by the Dutch Secretary of Housing and Environment, Sybilia Dekker (see picture).
The reason for this royal decoration is the fact that he has been very deserving for the society. He has shown large involvement for the care of or our living environment. Much of his ideas found basis and could be converted into reality. Without any doubt he can be qualified as an innovating and visionary entrepreneur with large managerial qualities.

On social level Gilbert Versteeg has also been very active. For many years he did juvenile work with a perceptible reduction of juvenile crime. At this moment he puts his efforts in a small school in India for poor children. In this way twenty five students are able to receive education for car technology and welding. This project is totally being financed from the funds of Aarding Beheer and Aarding India.

Aarding Beheer B.V.     HEAD OFFICE:  Postal Address: P.O. Box 29, 8070 AA Nunspeet, The Netherlands
Company Address: Industrieweg 70, 8071 CW Nunspeet, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 - 341 - 25 40 00 / 27 07 99    Telefax: +31 - 341 - 27 09 29
E-mail: info@aardingbeheer.com