Concrete Industry
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Concrete Industry

The innovative nature of Aarding Beheer has resulted in a large and diverse product range for the concrete industry, in which automation is of the greatest importance. Aarding Beheer tries, in close cooperation with the customer, to find a solution to each project's characteristics. During the development Aarding Beheer makes an analysis to see whether it is possible to use existing products, possibly with some adjustments. If this is impossible, completely new ideas are developed.

Our package of "concrete equipment complexes" consists among others of:

  1. concrete prefab factories
  2. pre-stressed beds
  3. carrousel systems for concrete products
  4. concrete moulds
  5. tilting tables
  6. concrete traveling bucket system
  7. plotter and sawing machines
  8. fully automated cranes
  9. construction equipment
  10. tunnel forms and all kinds of shuttering
  11. compensation cylinders

Fully automated hoisting
and cantilever crane

Pre-stressed beds






Mobile stressing


Portal crane


Hydraulic tilting


turning slums into high quality low cost housing.

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